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About Us

Opulence Group provides a means for business owners to maximize their time by spending more energy working on their business rather than devoting hours to tracking their company’s finances.  We assist companies in setting up financial controls to track the progress of their business and strategically plan for growth.

We believe in being of service to our clients.  We provide a full range of financial services and guidance by developing relationships with accountants, small business bankers, financial advisors and payroll service providers on behalf of our clients.

We provide our clients with financial education and a solid foundation to propel their business to their desired level of success.  Opulence Group offers services that are designed to grow with our clients at each stage of their business development.

We offer a unique experience to each client through our efforts to learn their particular needs and methods of doing business in order to aid them in their growth rather than attempting to make them do things our way.

Opulence Group was formally established in 2006, however, our work with small businesses dates back over 10 years. To learn more about the founder and CEO, please click here.


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