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"Opulence Group, headed by Tiffany Hunter, is a small firm offering big results! Before I began working with Opulence, I was overwhelmed with receipts and clueless about where my company really stood on the bottom line. Because of Opulence's personal and professional attention, along with their competent and consistent financial expertise, not only can I account for all income and expenditures, Tiffany has also helped us come up with creative ways to cut costs without cutting corners."  

-Monique Greenwood, Owner, Akwaaba Bed & Breakfast Inns  www.akwaaba.com

“I couldn’t do business without Opulence Group.  The service is prompt, precise, and incredibly reliable.  Tiffany Hunter leads this amazing resource with skill and clarity, allowing me the security to know that everything is taken care of—often times before I even think to ask.”

-Lloyd Boston, TV Host + Author  www.lloydboston.com

“Tiffany has helped me to keep my spending on track by making sure to keep me up to date in recording my sales and expenses.  She has also generated comparison reports, which have helped me to analyze in what parts of my business I have become more or less profitable since previous years.  The information she has provided me with has helped me to make sound choices in how to steer my business and keep me frugal, which is not my nature.”

-Michele Varian, Owner, Michele Varian Home  www.michelevarian.com

"Tiffany is an absolute pleasure to work with.  She adheres to the tightest deadlines, is extremely detailed oriented and my accountant loves working with her.  I highly recommend her services to any small business owner."

-Jillian White, Owner, White Picket Fence Appraisals, Inc. www.whitepicketfenceappraisals.com

“Tiffany is a delight to work with. Not only is her work impeccable, she is responsible, diligent and has a wonderful attitude. I recommend her without hesitation.”

-Carmen Yazejian, President, Network9, LLC  www.network9.biz

“It has been a pleasure to work with Tiffany. She is highly professional, courteous, works independently, and is very organized. I find that her use of time is very efficient (she set up my bookkeeping so that I can do the day-to-day updates and billing myself) and that a big load is taken off my shoulders by knowing that I can rely on her ongoing support.  I would recommend Tiffany to anyone who needs help with their company’s finances.”

-Michael Holtermann, CEO, Holtermann Design LLC  www.holtermanndesign.com

“Tiffany has provided excellent services for our business! Her knowledge of the Intuit product, QuickBooks, combined with her dedication to understanding our business structure enables us to focus on growing our business without having to worry about keeping up with the day-to-day bookkeeping tasks.”
-Tricia Akinwande, Partner, Pooka Pure and Simple  www.pookapureandsimple.com



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